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11.01.2020 , 05:08 PM | #102
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. I donít understand what the logic was behind this change but itís forcing unranked zones closer to grouped matches because there just isnít any way to win anymore without a team. PVP is one area where participation trophies are actually necessary for the community to be as welcoming as possible for new people and soloíers. I know it means dragging useless people through every once and awhile but thatís not as bad as not being able to do it all.
Iíd love to hear other peopleísí thoughts! Thanks 🙃
New Rules are Great for Rank. Problem with Unrank is that new players reach lv75 without knowing their class.
In terms of going against premade; well that as always been the case. Players that belong to a guild/like to play with each other will always premade that as always been the core of mmo games.

with the new rules players are now force to play for the entire match, which is great; before that wasn't the case; players just quit and still get credit for..

I am a solo player who looses most matches in Rank/Unrank and still love the new rules because the players have to finish the match. and if they quit or win trade by leaving the match they'll get penalize which i'm more than fine with them penalize/reported.

In my opinion players who argue against the new rules are those who use to benefit from the old ways.