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Reserved for future information. Will update this section with guides to various achievements, helpful links, notes on things that can't currently be achieved, etc.[/B]

*Last updated 11/29*

Planet maps with relevant mob kills/datacrons/heroics/lore objects, etc.

Galactic Loremaster

World Boss location/level list

Datacron guide

Named NPC lists (by planet) (Search and click on comments section)

Lore list


Heroic and Bonus Series Guides

Shroud droids planetary guide

Seeker droid and macrobinocular guide

Reputation Guide
GSI dailies guide


Gree Event Achievement Guide
Bounty Contract Week

Secret Achievement: Data Mining

Difficult to get to lore/beasts/mobs
Korriban (Terentateck Mauler-only available from the Inquisitor questline, where you get Khem Val)
Balmorra (Mutated Colicoid-only available from either the Inquisitor questline, or with some creative platforming)
Balmorra (Imperial side: The Invasion of Balmorra-only available within an Agent phase, past the Balmorran Arms factory in the Administrative Complex) *FIXED 2.3.2 for Imperials, in 2.3.3 for the Republic* Go to 1263, 679.
Tatooine (Sand Demon: Beastmaster of Tatooine-only available from the Jedi Knight questline in the Dune Sea)
Ilum (Tyrant of Ilum: Jedi Blademaster and Republic Sergeant are only available within the instanced one-time First Strike planetary quest)
Ilum (Liberator of Ilum: Imperial Armsmaster and Imperial Mine Captain are only available within the instanced one-time Crystal Ball planetary quest)
*Coruscant – Liberator of Coruscant (Teven Liss’ard can only be spawned as part of the Freightskipper Fracasmission mission)
*Tython – The training droid achievement is available from a one-time quest only
*Teven Liss’ard and the training droids kills can still be counted for achievements even if summoned by a non-party member. Just let lowbies summon them, agro them, and then you can kill the mobs. Their quest and your achievement should still update themselves.

*You can group with lowbies to complete some of these

Open world PvP
Defense turrents in the Black Hole area can auto-kill players before they ever have a chance to engage the turrents. See this thread. *WORKAROUND - Just killing turrents on Corelia will update this achievement without having to enter the Black Hole area.

Rhythm Augmentation Droid (only available from the security key vendor)
Tirsa Prime (only available from the VIP vendor)

Kill it with Fire (Marakin kills aren’t updated)
Tyrant/Liberator of Makeb (No way to get to the rancor within the cage without using creative mechanics)

Hutball: 10 deaths doesn’t update (Actually requires 15 deaths, not the listed 10--see this screenshot)