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I don't recall many posters on this forum asking "Buff sin plz" or even "Nerf sin plz".
I already said my peace before and right after the changes went live.
I am not going to keep repeating myself with the same story. Think my message as far as recent Assassin/Shadow changes was pretty clear and that viewpoint isn't going to change as long as no change is made to the game.

I don't think many people other than Bioware really need convincing of my opinion either.
Everyone seems pretty onesided about the whole thing. Thankfully.

In the end, I think many changes have to be made to the current game. Some to our class, a bunch to the others.
After all.. we're all in the same game. If we want a level playing field, it has to be leveled from all sides.

But we can only do that if we understand the bigger picture and look beyond just our own little bubble.
You have to understand that by making sweeping changes to one overperforming class.. another that was previously underperforming might start to flourish because it's biggest adversary has been largely eliminated.

It's all these things that you have to account for.
Game balance changes are like a chain reaction, everything is connected.
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