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Quoting from depeshmood from, upon his personal request that I share his post here for him:

"Since part of my ideas in myrrhbear's original post for this thread pertain to matchmaking, and there is quite a bit of, umm, discussion for grouping, here are my idea for a player's ranking, that could be used for the matchmaking process in GSF.

1. Each player starts out, by default, at rank zero and goes up to 1,000. Each match completed, whether win or lose, adds 1 point to this rank and this number is used for the account.

2. When a player is queued for a match, their highest ranked ship in their hangar is used for the second part of their rank in matchmaking. See "Ship Hangar Ranking" for details.

3. (Optional, based on solo or group queuing) The third, possible, part for their rank is if they are in a group. My suggestion is to add 50 points to each player in a group for each additional player they're grouped with. See "Group Points" for details.

Ship Hangar Ranking

My suggestion for ranking the ships would be to give 100 points maximum per component and it starts at zero, when no upgrades have been applied. If the component has 3 upgrades then 1 upgrade would add 30 points to the player's rank.

Group Points

To elaborate on my suggestion for groups, when 2 players are grouped and queue as a group, then their group as a whole would have 100 additional points, whereas a group with 4 players in the group would have 600 additional points for the entire group, or 150 points additional each.

My reasoning for these additional points applied to the group is to take into account that they have more than likely flown together on a few occasions and have a good synergy. They might also have some form of VoIP that allows them to talk and communicate their current and fluid strategy(ies).

I am hopeful that those of us as a player base can come up with constructive ideas on how to better one aspect of our enjoyment that we derive from SWTOR, which is Galactic Starfighter!"