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I spent two hours talking to you about this already, so I'm not going to waste my time typing out the same points again. You're still saying the same things.

For anyone who wants to read our full conversation, here it is:

Here's a summary of my stance on the issue:

Groups are fine. There is a matchmaking problem where there aren't enough comparable groups or players of similar skill to put against the groups. This could be addressed with better matchmaking, since number of games played is a silly metric that doesn't tell you very much at all about how good a player is. Mastered vs not is even less useful, especially with requisition being so easy to come by.

Playing with your friends in an MMO is never wrong.

I agree that there is a matchmaking problem, but I see it as Bioware's problem to fix; it's not up to the players. Telling people not to group because it's too hard to beat them if they do is just like telling someone not to play because they're so much better than the randoms that it's not fair if they do.

Same argument, different application of it.

Your fun isn't the other team's responsibility. I don't like to solo queue against groups. So I... don't. It's a really easy solution.

Edited to add: There is a reason that matchmaker puts you into a group. It's because the game is intended to be played by a group. You just decide whether or not you want to pick who is part of that group.