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Therefore my suggestion for a solution would be:

- Implement a change to GSF queing and team balancing mechanics so that if 3 or more people queue as a group, the game automatically places the highest ranked of those 3 on the opposing team, even though they queued as a group. If 4 people queue together, 2 should be placed on each team to balance the teams. If 5 queue together the strongest pilot is placed in a group of 2 on one team, and the other 3 players are placed on the other team, etc... This way you can have regular queues, and people who are grouped with their friends doing other content can queue for GSF, but if they are all strong pilots then they will be split up for the duration of the GSF match, allowing the match to be better balanced.

- As an aside to this perhaps there could be once a month tournament nights on GSF where elite pilots are invited to queue as a group, and the group splitting mechanic will be turned off for the night so that elite groups can go in as a team, and battle against other elite teams. Alternatively there could be ranked GSF queues that are separate from the normal GSF queues. The downside of that though is that it removes pilots from the general GSF queue, and reduces the frequency of queues for everyone. That's why I think we're better off keeping everyone in one GSF queue, but dividing teams so that there is better balance.
Your entire assertion here is based on faulty logic - namely that there is an effective ranking mechanic for the matchmaker to draw from. The matchmaker looks at matches played across legacy and once that cap is reached, all players are equal. Everything you suggest is ineffective because of this design flaw. It results in the horribly mismatched games you are complaining about, because players reach that max games cap hiding on bombers or finishing games against new players in the top 2-3 and thinking that they are "strong" while learning bad habits in the process. We've tried to make this matchmaker work with offset queues, alternating groups, and many other variations to get "even" results, and it essentially boils down to RNG. The only effective method of creating balanced matches is the custom lobby, because it puts a person in the loop. Anything else that you've experienced that seemed "balanced" was the result of chance or simply no stand-out pilots to offset the match.