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04.14.2020 , 02:33 AM | #35
All yesterday morning and afternoon, we had more than one premade of ranked heroes deliberately sabotaging regs, not playing objectively just farming numbers at mid no matter where or what match. They not only did that, they took the ball, carried it around in Huttball matches, and then just passed it back and forth the entire duration. In fact, they didn't even bother scoring not once, although they were so much stronger than the opposing regs team they were able to hold the ball the entire duration of the match, not losing it once.

This behavior is spearheaded by members of the ranked community who others follow. Naturally, now we have a bunch of this crap going on because BW hasn't stepped in and taken care of these toxic individuals, but I will not fully blame them. I get it that people are probably intimidated by these bullying children, especially other young players who are easy to manipulate and intimidate via peer pressure and the likes.

I am going to start petitioning them. I will encourage my guild to do the same, and i will ask my friends to petition these children now, because obviously no one else is or I believe BW would have done something before now to stop some of this uncalled for behavior.
A perfect sample of a player who doesn't want to improve but instead make the game more casual. The next thing you will do is start petitioning because you lost your WZ though you had BiS gear in the game XD I applaud that premade for what they have done. And you know what? They didn't break a single rule of Hut Ball match because it's one of the strategies to win the match. Also, premades are a legal way to queue WZ. Calling people toxic because they play the game in a way they want is a bit exaggerated. If I remember correctly there is an achievement in the game to kill 10 players and die 10 times during WZ. So you even can't technically blame someone in WZ if he is not playing objectives because who knows maybe he is aiming for this achievement.