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Complaining about someones performance is one thing. Telling (not even asking, telling) them to stop queueing, throwing direct insults and being generally toxic is another.

The world doesn't revolve around a single individual. Instead of raging about it, you could make an effort to try and help these players rather than chase them out the door.

Spend a few hours queuing SR yesterday and had a few good games. And a few less great ones where the experience was worsened by a handful of people thinking the world of themselves and then going on a raging spree.
Only to then face them the next game and have them find out there aren't any more human than anyone else

Some people meme about it. But there are a bunch of them that are serious and they could use a serious reality check.
Have you tried to help them? For real have you tried? Maybe 1% of them is listening it's the best case. 99% tell you to shut up and play. IDK what they are trying to prove going SR and being globaled in every game but it's the reason ppl rage and are toxic. Everything else is just an aftermath of incompetent ppl entering SR. And the dude who wrote a long post here about how PvP is toxic could be the reason why. The main problem of SR is that's some sort of end game activity that has no restriction for players to participate in it. And toxic ppl are just natural filters. Let be honest none of us doesn't want SR to be filled up with new players who have no clue what to do. Also, ppl aren't robots and they do have emotions and PvP is a highly emotional game experience so if you are afraid of ppl in their hight emotional state maybe you should avoid SR. I've played SR from season 1 and I really don't see much difference in player's behavior. It was there all the time. Though I see a difference in WZ there was much more rage before because ppl were playing objectives nowadays it's more casual DPS fest. I don't want this to happen to SR too.