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04.13.2020 , 11:58 PM | #32
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Is this 100% accurate? Monday-Sunday 12am-2am est on SF? Ive been trying to find the que timers. Or try to grind some rating but find myself waiting hours with no pop. Feels dead. I have completed 10 games around midnight est time before but wasnt sure if this is correct time all through the week?
It ebbs and flows. Sometimes it starts popping a lot earlier, like 7-8est. Sometimes it doesn't really start popping in earnest until 10-11est. It almost always seems to get more populated as the night does on, and usually it keeps popping until after 2am (when I usually go to sleep, so I don't know exactly when it stops).

Also keep in mind that there can be games going on while you get skipped by the queue. If there's only one game going at a time and you get skipped twice in a row, you can be waiting for 20 minutes to get into a game even while it's technically popping. Queueing for ranked does sometimes require some patience.