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02.17.2014 , 12:27 AM | #18
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I think they could use a bit of a damage buff. I have them mastered on my FF. (along with every other weapon)
Thanks. Most players don't stick with them enough to master them.

Interestingly enough the highest damage game I have had was when I was using freq capacitor and rapids along with overcharge.
I don't think that should outpace lights in general, but interesting.

That said I would love for them to be more effective as honestly rapids are probably the single most satisfying weapon to shoot someone down with - nothing like the arc of lasers shooting across the sky towards my target. Feels way more like old school dogfighting than BLC or railguns do.
Not only are they a real dogfighting weapon- the BLC issue is one I'm mixed on because I don't think the feel makes much sense, but I do like the feel of it, it just ticks me off that it's so effective- but they are also absolutely gorgeous. A fan of those things is just super pretty.

They simply need to be better!