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<E> <Advantage> Is a new end-game PVE progression guild that is focused on completing all relevant HM and NiM content. We are seeking NEW & Returning Raiders that want to obtain 100% operation completion while at the same time continuously looking to improve their level of play.

Progression TFB NiM 5/5, S&V NiM 7/7, 4/5 NiM DF, 2/5 NiM DP. We are always looking for exceptional players regardless of role to solidify our roster. Current Needs: 1 Tank and 1 Dps. Raid Schedule: Sunday, Monday from 6-9pm PST / 9pm-12am EST. Must have Starparse, and Discord with a working Mic. (Dps should be able to parse at least 9.5k on a 2.5m dummy)

We are willing to PAY for your Character Transfer in order to strengthen our roster ASAP. If you are interested and would like more information, Private Msg me on the forums or join our Discord ( I can also be reached in-game (Satele-Shan) on Mantis, Kuchikoo, Kuchi San, Kuchikuu, and Viacondioz.