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Quote: Originally Posted by Luckygunslinger View Post
2-piece is fine and decent for slowly reducing DTPS.
4-piece is only needed for Commanders if you swap Sano and Kurse in HM.

Enrage granting Aegis has been something I've been asking the devs for since the first week of 3.0. But again, threat gen isn't an issue with the tools we have.
I know you're quite "knowledgeable" about Guardian tanks, but for proper aggro generation on a Guardian running with competent DPS for certain fights, the taunt cooldown reduction is quite nice and helps achieve a full 18 second taunt cycle off the bat. Additionally you can help out your raid group with Guardianship more often on things like HM Revan. More casual players who taunt at the wrong times can more quickly overcome their mistakes. Threat gen is not an issue with competent tanks, but competent tanks make use of the tools they have to achieve that goal. This does include taunts. I wonder when you'll update your guide to include an opener that will hold against competent dps...

As for what you said about Blade Turning, in the majority of current content yes, Blade turning is not that useful. However in future operations (fingers crossed here), it may be. Besides, Saber Ward is by far one of the worst cooldowns Guardians have for current content. For your statement at the end of that comment, there is no way to bring back the Sonic Barrier buff that isn't trivial. It really doesn't amount to much and honestly you won't notice a difference. The set bonus increase to Warding Call is fine, it gives incentive to get the 6 piece.

I know you've appointed yourself king Guardian and our representative, but honestly you need to think about things before you post (yes this is going to piss you off). The current set bonus is actually fine unlike for DPS Guardians.

The best way to improve the set bonus is to tie the taunt CD reset to Blade Storm to somewhat keep up with Vanguards. Other than that, there is little work to be done to fix this not broken set bonus.
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