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That's a fair question - I worded the response poorly.

When we flag an item as, say, Rare, it doesn't automatically give it an unlock price in Collections. That information is entered separately, which is why these are two distinct issues being looked at individually. Does that clarify things a bit?
I get that regarding CC pricing... particularly since there are more/less rare items and super rare items which means there is a drop table where every items drop % chance is carried for the servers to use. The gray and gold CM tags only give us the very broadest of understanding of rarity. We've seen plenty of sets or items that are more rare then others with the same CM flag color.

I'm not convinced however that the two issues are entirely decoupled. Until the devs share with us (if they ever choose to) how they calculate Collections unlock pricing for cartel items....... it remains a mystery how exactly this is performed inside Austin. Personally, I think they may in fact be reading the drop tables as part of how they calculate the CC unlock price. Please note.. I would be happy to be proved wrong via a lucid gold post on the topic.

But I also understand that there are other variables that factor into how a CC unlock price is calculated. Number of armor pieces in the set for example... does appear to be a factor in their calculation.
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