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in the iokath chapter where I have to choose either empire or republic to ally with I choose empire by mistake (since I used the keys 1,2 and I didn't notice I pressed 2 instead of one) , is there any way I can change that ?
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You cannot change that decision for that character if you have finished the whole Iokath chapter and been offered the msision for Crisis on Umbara. If you stopped immediately, you may be able to reset the Iokath chapter mission from the Mission Log interface, possibly, and try again.

That said, the choice you make in the Iokath story is not a binding final decision for all time about your alliegance. At the end of the "Traitor" story arc(1), you will be offered another chance to choose, but even that one isn't a finally final forever decision.

The final decision, the one that has significant effects on the future story, comes at the beginning of the Jedi Under Siege story, during the mission called Inflection Point. It's important to be very careful with that one, in order to avoid being stuck with it.

(1) I'm not sure that the Traitor arc has a proper name of its own, but War on Iokath probably isn't properly part of it, being more of a bridge from KotET to the Traitor arc. If you insisted that I assign a name, I'd call it Fractured Alliances, in which case War on Iokath *is* part of it.
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