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Very nice work to whoever made these calculations, but from my experience I need around 1980 crit on my Fury mara to make sure that I crit 25-28k frequently with Raging Burst and damage increase buffs.

If I lower my crit to 1790 as it is presented here, my crit is still ok, but the frequency of 25k-28k crits with raging burst is lower. I am a full mastery build with 5%.

I am not saying what has been stated here is wrong, but this is what I have observed.. Maybe for other classes it's different.
You basically came in here to tell us that when you dropped 190 crit you crit less often? Well duh? Working as intended.

The optimal amount of crit provided is the point where you get more DPS out of mastery than crit because of crit DR. It has to with dps output not the amount that you crit. At 1790 is where masterys crit + bonus damage becomes more valuable point for point than pure crit in increasing damage over time.

Also dropping from 1980 to 1790 crit and getting more mastery, the difference would be hardly noticable eyeballing (itís like roughly 1% or under crit difference). I will also repeat what I said in this guide when it comes to dps in pvp. You can go over the optimal amount of crit for pvp (Iím assuming that is what your referring to). In pvp is less about your overall damage and more about getting a kill in a window for majority of classes. Crits have more value.
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