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01.06.2013 , 02:51 PM | #1
Hello Im a 35 year old looking for a guild of mature players with little member turn over. I am new to the game but I do have a sub and really enjoy pvp, so a pvp focused guild would be a plus. I do not mind a smaller guild as long as it is active. Am willing to use vent or teamspeak. If your guild is looking for new members please drop a mail to Kusmi telling me about your guild and what you have to offer if your a guild only looking for numbers Im not interested. Also I do plan on playing toons of both factions and I know in some guilds this can be a problem, but as a Sub member I want to play the different story content but would be willing to pvp with only the guild factions toons if needed. Hope to hear from some of you soon in game hopeing to find a good guild soon to get active with. Thank you for takeing the time to consider me for you guild.