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If you're in a group of somewhat competent people dtps isn't going to be what wipes you. It's going to be people standing in stupid, failing mechanics or poor use of cooldowns (popping them all and having none left or not popping them at all when you need them). Taking power mods over defense makes very little difference in an actual fight (though I personally prefer to get defense). Still power mods are a totally valid (and arguably the best) method of gearing, and calling it 'lazy' is just plain silly.
The same can be said about every aspect of the game, tbh. If you have competent dps, you will meet dps checks. If you have competent healers, you will have no issues.

My whole premise is that not every group has competent everything, so there may be an aspect that needs to be subbed out - defense for more dps due to subpar dps in group, dps for defense due to subpar play or poor healing. In premade groups, there is, and should be, more flexibility to cater to your regular ops group. In pug, it is expected that each person is focus geared for that specific role, including dwt.