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It's not really lazy tank gearing, it's gearing yourself to be far more useful in a boss fight and less susceptible to spike damage. I am not sure if you have healed much nightmare content but my personal experiance from healing nightmare is that tanks die from spike damage far more than they die from "lazy healing". Gearing for more endurance makes this far less common and if the tank then decides to go for power or defence is of little importance to me, it's hardly noticeable in terms of Tank DTPS.

High endurance mods/enhancements are an advantage and if you don't use them, regardless if you use the power version or the defence version for the mods, you are making it more difficult for the healers. The decision to use Power or Defence as the stat, however, is a bit of a tossup, the damage reduction you gain from the extra defence is negligible and the extra DPS you gain from the power is hardly noticeable.
Im not specifically talking about nightmare/master mode, because generally those ops have more 1 shot mechanics, and require much more skilled players. That said, there are plenty of times when a lesser attack that ends up wiping the group could have been mitigated more if the tank was better geared defensively. Also keep in mind the number of times a dps is sacrificed to save the tank when a choice between the two at low health must be made. Could that situation have been avoided in the first place if the healer hadnt been needing to overheal all the way up to that specific point? Its easy to point out flaws and solutions to a momentary situation (i.e. i died to a 1 shot, solution act sooner to avoid 1 shot), but there have been so many times ranging from SM to HM to MM that ive seen (and been, as i do heal as well) fights where the tank is getting pummelled by RNG, and you look down and he isnt even doing everything he can to prevent the pummelling, with non-defensive mods/enh/gear in place. And many reasons its seen as the healer being the problem - i.e. " why cant you keep him up, its only SM??"