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People need to ask themselves if lazy healing is just as acceptabke as lazy tank gearing. If ur role is tank, gear for optimal survivability, unless the group asks for, or needs more dps for enrage timers. Any survivability that is negkected just makes the healers job more difficult, even if its doable.

Of course people have a right to, and likely will, gear however they want. But you can also ignore and/or not group with whoever you dont like, too.
It's not really lazy tank gearing, it's gearing yourself to be far more useful in a boss fight and less susceptible to spike damage. I am not sure if you have healed much nightmare content but my personal experiance from healing nightmare is that tanks die from spike damage far more than they die from "lazy healing". Gearing for more endurance makes this far less common and if the tank then decides to go for power or defence is of little importance to me, it's hardly noticeable in terms of Tank DTPS.

High endurance mods/enhancements are an advantage and if you don't use them, regardless if you use the power version or the defence version for the mods, you are making it more difficult for the healers. The decision to use Power or Defence as the stat, however, is a bit of a tossup, the damage reduction you gain from the extra defence is negligible and the extra DPS you gain from the power is hardly noticeable.

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