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I'm grinding out my armormech and I am nearing max level for my crew skill and I was wondering what armors and items should I be crafting? What armor sets are in higher demand? Also are there ways to make armors and items stronger,for selling? Asking all veteran armormechs
The craftable armour sets are of very limited sale price because they are not moddable, and therefore, *as*gear* they have a strictly limited life. (They are useful in Outfit Designer for folks who like the looks.) Your best bet to make credits by crafting Armormech is to make top-tier grade 10 blue and purple augments (for tank specs). Make blue ones (rated 220) and reverse engineer(1) them to learn (on a 60% chance per RE) the purple schematic (rated 228). And then learn the 236 and 240 schematics, although they are *expensive* to make.

Those are more likely to sell than any of the normal armour you can make.

(1) There's a little button way up top in your Inventory panel that lets you do this.
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