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04.20.2019 , 11:17 AM | #11
Edited to be easier to read and to clarify on some points I feel I didn't explain as well as I could have, and to add a potential set bonus as well as some new Tactical Item ideas.

Something to give Hatred/Serenity 30m range back on the DoTs and Deathfield/FiB (you could also just return the range back to us and it would make us all very happy).

Something to make it so that the level 56 passive, Inevitable Demise/Aching Mind, works at pre-execute phase, as well as in execute (meaning it's up for 100% of the fight duration), at reduced damage boost - say 15% give or take whatever % is needed to keep it in line with the other melee sustained specs - so the spec can feel like a real pressure/sustained spec and not have its full DPS potential locked for 70% of a single target encounter like it is currently (I would be OK if the passive was reworked so it works like how I just described).

Something to make it so all 3 DoTs are spread with Lacerate/Whirling Blow.

Something to make it so all damage dealt heals you for X% which could either be static across the board or vary depending on the ability.

Something to boost the current self healing on our DoTs and abilties by X% (lets say 50% additional heals on DoTs and Deathfield/FiB while only increasing Leeching Strike/ Serenity Strike by 20% or so)

Something to make it so you don't self heal and instead do increased damage on the abilities that currently self heal.

Something so that a Crit on Assassinate/Leeching Strike will grant you 1 stack of Recklessness/Force Potency

Something to make it so Deathfield/FiB is no longer an AoE ability, but a single target ability that does increased damage or has increased Crit chance (possibly 100% because why not) to compensate.

Something to make Deathfield/FiB hit double the targets while dealing reduced damage to compensate, and to increase the size of the AoE to 8m again.

Something to make it so applying your DoTs or using some other ability or two costs no Force or restores X amount of Force.

Increase all DoT Damage by X% (something crazy like 100%, but lowers all other damage by Y%).

Spinning Strike/Assassinate or Serenity/Leeching Strike has no cooldown when hitting a target affected by your Squelch/Eradicate (Makes it so Spinning Strike/Assassinate is usable on a target regardless of their current health. Serenity/Leeching Strike is probably the better choice here since it would seem kinda redundant with the level 48 passive the spec currently has. Serenity/Leeching Strike with no GCD would also massively help you survive in PvP).

30% DR while stunned (desperately needed)

Something to double the duration of Force Shroud/Resilience.

Something to make Deflection either absorb X% of Force and Tech damage while active or to increase the melee and ranged defense chance by X% (let's say 25% for the sake of this).

Something to make Mass Mind Control have increased damage reduction by X% and last Y seconds longer or to make it so it affects everybody in your Group/Operation as well. Possibly even a combination of these as well.

2pc set bonus: Leeching/Serenity Strike is now a 10m attack and gives one stack of Reklessness when it crits. (Would give us more of the semi-ranged feel we had until the range nerfs happened)
4pc set bonus: Thrash/Double Strike makes you next Assassinate/Spinning Strike a critical hit. Can only occur once every X (let's use 60 since that's what it is currently). (Personally not a fan of this, but i know some people won't want it to go).
4pc set bonus: All DoTs that consume a stack of Death Mark/Force Suppression do X% (let's say 100%) additional damage
6pc set bonus: Every time Deathfiled/FiB and/or Discharge/Force Breach critically hit a target, it deals an additional 50% damage. (would likely need to be one or the other for balance purposes, but both sure would be awesome)