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MM is very unforgiving, that green AOE murders us in less than 3 seconds and doing it with companions is a big no no
So I get you were doing other modes with comps previously? I also did a couple of solo runs on SM and one run with 2 people on VM and didn't get this achievement for either of those. However, since I did several runs for both SM and VM with a full group, and the achievement always worked fine for everybody in a group. So I guess you'd better try to get 4 people for SM and VM as well.

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Trial and Error is THE Uprising giving us the most trouble, all other Uprisings we managed to 2 man and get all achievements but damn these are tough and buggy.
Indeed. Our group was able to complete ALL the achievements for other MM upr in just one evening. Other achs for this uprising took two more evenings. And this exact achievement still persists after more than two months. Last weekend we cleared the second boss several more times with different tactics, and still nothing,