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Trash mobs are not there to wipe your group they are there to slow you down. 3 whites 2 silvers and 1 gold are not going to kill a group of lv 75-306 item level -286 auged out players. then you can choose to agro the next mob or heal up. There is 0 challenge to fp trash mobs before boss.

A big part of your conquest comes from killing random whites/sivlers/golds not the mission completion, odd.

At best tanking fps teaches you how to wrangle adds the fastest so dps can nuke them so you can get to the real meat and potatoes of the fp the bosses.

Making trash unavoidable? thats your solution? and you dont want your tank to just wrangle adds and nuke them, thats what every trash pull is. Tank pulls adds stacks them up all neat, and you nuke. thats what you do in dxun 2&3 boss so its odd that you wouldnt want that in fps.
As I wrote those trash groups used to be harder, there were days those groups did wipe people if no one cared about kill order, interrupts or short stuns, these days of course 306 gear with 30 stacks and after quite some nerfs it's just 'bomb away', though maybe that is a big part of why it is perceived that boring. Personally I found the trash groups much more interesting back when they needed more tactic than just 'jump in and bomb', no matter if as tank, healer or DPS.

Trash/bosses made unavoidable was meant for FPs like Taral V where avoiding stuff is just extreme.
In DXUN SM yes, maybe, in HC I really do prefer to have players who have heard of focus fire and target priorities instead of mindlessly bombing on the first target they find with tab.

As for conquest, the finishing of a FP alone actually doesn't give that many conquest points, only the weekly does or the daily random when it's an objective.
Just did MM False Emperor, weak trash was 58 CPs per enemy, gold already were worth 443 CPs per enemy, considering the bosses and the FP mission each gave only 626 CPs in comparison, trash is not a waste of time but rather the bulk of the CPs earned in there (all numbers with full stronghold bonus). Did the HK bonus chapter(didn't look up what that actually added to conquest) and two FPs, one VM, Copero with someone sneaking through to the first boss, and one MM, False Emperor, where no trash on the direct way was skipped with a guild-less character today and was done with personal conquest without even finishing any weekly quest or special conquest objective (did not queue for all FPs so no extra for that either).

Even in the longer FPs the difference of killing stuff or skipping by jumping somewhere complicated maybe adds up to about 5 minutes all in all anyway. Over the course of most PUG FPs, you wait just as long for people being ready in conversations, to come through elevators or be ready to pull a boss or to find their way through those odd jumping spots or sometimes texture glitching used to skip trash.
While I can understand to stealth through the beginning of Copero as those vanishing enemies are annoying especially in VM without a tank, in Meridian for example it's really no difference at all whether you quickly kill stuff/kick them into the abyss or jump over boxes and wait for everyone to manage that. Just think how often in PUGs someone either pulls doing that anyway or gets stuck somewhere, in that time the trash group usually would have been killed several times over already (and added to the conquest goal)
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