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Nice job insulting the OP...

...and in point of fact 2 of us ran shields/gens over several ops and never saw them proc. Maybe we were just unlucky.
I'm talking generalalities. In group content running a shield in dps spec is stupid because it nerfs your damage substantially for a thoroughly negligible gain in survivability.

For solo content it's stupid for much the same reason, but what anyone chooses to do in solo content is their choice completely. Being stupid then, is entirely within anyone's perogative. That's how personal liberty works.

Also for the record - i started this game 6 years ago having never played an mmo. I was that dumb vigi guardian with tank gear. I did my first FP after over a year playing and someone called me all sorts of names. Guess what? I appreciate this random, name long ago forgotten person for telling me what i was doing was stupid.

I've come a long way since then, but it never would have happened without that one random jerk in a fp who called out the idiot. (In this instance, me circa 2013).

Experience, after all, is the best teacher.