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So, you reduced the heal amount on the medpacks, but you made em go from BOP to biochem 400? Did you remove infinite consumable(oxymoron isn't it?). Im not even a biochem, Ive got 400 Art, 300s Cyber, and 300s Synth. There are far bigger problems with the crafting system than Biochem/Cybertech.

1) Commendations give rewards that are far too good. Both from daily reward vendors and as people progress leveling up. Rewards from these merchants should not be equal to prototype player made. If the same gear is to be used on these vendors, it should be the green quality gear. The cost of missions in time/credits to craft green, RE for blue, and then to craft a blue is grossly out of line with the cheap cost and insane ease of obtaining commendation items.

2) Infinite use clickies for any crafter should not be. Infinite use items that are ONLY for a given crafter are even worse. Crafting perks should be along the lines of a 10-15% boost in item crafted, or 2x the amount of use. Making an item that lasts forever, does not remove credits from the system once a crafter has it. That is what consumables are supposed to do.

3) Weapon/Armor making classes need to be revamped. All crafted gear should be orange. Orange gear should then have the option to have 1/2/3 augments on top of the mod slots. Augs/mods will likely need to be adjusted to prevent players being vastly stronger than mobs at a given level. Cooler looking armor should of course, be higher level requirement(can also increase the chance of RE success as it goes higher and is more expensive)

4) Crafting consumables should not require raid drops. Crafted consumables should come in decent sized batches. These are for use, not for rare/lucky events. In the case of biochem, raid drop requirement makes more sense in the implant line.

5) All crafting classes should have a desirable consumable that only they can craft. This item should be useful for pvp/raids. This item should be useable by others. Biochem, by its nature, should produce more variety and have more unlinked CDs on these than other crafting classes.