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04.09.2013 , 02:21 AM | #43
I have made some really poor choices in flashpoints, but those are not the ones I have been kicked from. The worst was when I was on the way to a flashpoint and before I started towards the group I was kicked. NO reason given. If those are elder game experts I hope I can add Noob to my title.

It seems to took about 2 characters hitting 35-50 before I really understood how to game the gearing system. I do mean game. Now I am gaming the character classes and have given up trying to RP the character to match the class, because it is not rewarded and can be a hindrance to a group. I love the game, but if I want to play in group quests I have found I need to pay more attention to finding the loopholes in the map and programming.

I qued with one guy who had been left by 2 other people we fumbled through with our companions and found more ways to die than we knew existed. It was a blast.