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i could write a book on bad groups and i've only been playing a couple of months.

i remember my very first run through taral v on my shadow tank and after a couple of fights (which went smoothly) the guardian "dps" asked if he could tank.

being fairly new at that point i said sure, if the other members of the group agreed. anyway, we made it to the bonus boss fight (the guy with the lightning) and we must have wiped 10 times. by this point it was about 2am and he actually proposed that the sentinel tank and he could respec as a dps.

i'd already said 3 tries before that i'd try once more before going to bed for work, so i pleasantly asked him to consider the wisdom of a dps exclusive class tanking, while a tank specced shadow dps'd, while i was asleep. before i'd even quit the group the other two guys had told him what they thought and quit.

i've never been kicked, but i've left a few groups where people have been just plain ignorant. last night for instance when another "dps" guardian asked the tank guardian if he could tank in maelstrom while playing my healer. it took us over a minute to take down one of the big droid dudes, so i asked if either of them were actually specced as dps as that took a really long time. they ignored me.

then we took on the big droid boss (the first one who pulls you in then sort of explodes every 20 seconds or so) and we took him down pretty quickly so i said "great, that went better" and one of them said "stop f****** moaning and get on with it" i don't get mad, i just leave, they were still waiting when i queued again half an hour later.

but i would NEVER kick or leave a group due to one bad member or due to people not being familiar with it. i enjoy helping new, or even experienced players through if they don't actually know the ins and outs of the boss fights.

tl;dr - bad guys are everywhere, fortunately i've found it's 95% good in general