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I think what BW is doing this week and into next week, is taking a hard look at the population of each server, which is why they aren't giving out specifics on what server is getting axed and so on. In doing so what they are planning to do, I think, is essentially merging several servers together with the same destination for example Bondor crystal and Girda the hutt get the destination of Ajunta Pall, I didn't bother checking timezones or pvp settings, so three servers become one.....while avoiding that nasty term server merge.
It wouldn't appear that any servers are "getting axed" as you put it.

They are simply going to encourage people to transfer off of the lower pop servers, they made it quite clear that you will not be forced to transfer which kind of implies that no servers are being shut down or merged and that no forced transfers will occur.

They aren't merging anything, anyone that thinks that servers are being shut down or merged should probably take a closer look at the actual article, because none of that is happening.

It should be happening, but it's not.