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Hey Devs-

If 1.3 is focused around Group play, why the hell are you making it hard to move a GUILD, the only GROUPS some of us have been relying on for the past few months? I'm still holding on to a thin shred of hope that my server is targeted as a destination, because this seems like a bit much of a burden to shift onto your playerbase to rectify your post-launch kneejerk reaction to open way too many servers. Great option for you unguilded folks, but guilds are getting the shaft here.
It's not that hard to move a guild.

You have to tell your members to move. BioWare wouldn't dream of moving a whole guildful of characters just because a guild master moves. The decision to move has to be up to the players.

You'll probably want to empty out your guild bank before you do this to ensure the items make the transit with you.

Once you have enough characters on the new server (4), you re-form the guild.

Then, if you had a guild bank on your old server, you contact customer service to get it back. (Good luck with that.)

It's not hard. It just requires a bit of planning and communication.