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Feedback time.

That part is wrong, it's 10 heat.
Thanks missed that one At least it was correct the other places.

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  • Saying crit is up for personal preference is a bit missleading. Every stat has it's own rate of return and diminishing return and contribution to healing output. And they are all constant. Because of this there is a clear combination of stats that maximizes output.
  • Contrary to popular beliefs crit is not a bad stat. It's just Power in 2.x worth the investment more. Crit has bad rate of return, which means how much you get out of 1 rating. But has good diminishing return, which means how much less you get from 1 rating when you already have more than 0 of said rating.
    This is in contrast to Surge which has good initial rate of return, but bad diminishing return. This is why even though alacrity is a stronger overall stat % to % in low stat budget (<=192) surge has higher priority, but doesn't exceeds 400 rating in higher budget.
  • But we reached a point where our high stat budget alters priorities. Power throughout 2.x was a god stat. In 3.0 it's priority droped some in exchange for crit and alacrity. The reasons for that:
    • Healing amount of an ability has the following equation:
      Heal = HealingPowerCoefficient * BonusHealing + StandardHealthPercent * 14520.
      BonusHealing (in case of Mercs) consist of Aim, Cunning, Power and TechPower. Augments and crit aside they make up a strict amount. And that amount is not dominated by Power alone.
      Avarage healing looks like this:
      Healing * ( 1 + crit * surge ) * Multiplicative bonuses * Additive bonuses // I only done extensive theory crafting with dps, but more than likely the multiplicative bonuses are: Supercharge, Supercharge Gas, Invigorated. Additives: Discipline bonuses such as Empowered Scans.
    • This is where the stat budget comes into play. Power makes up less than 3rd of the Healing an ability does. And even less of the avarage healing. And considering that secondary stat budget (augments aside) is around the 2k mark droping some power for crit doesn't reduce Healing a lot, and avarage healing even less, or in case of the optimal amount of crit it actually increases avarage healing.
      Dropping 500 Power for example when the budget is above 2k is less serious than it used to be with a budget of 1k.
    • An other example of this high secondary stat budget is that most dps spec's BiS gear is around 700 alacrity. Which means they have to invest into alacrity augments. For so long people said that Power is the best augment with Mainstat as a runnerup that it's eye opening to see so many specs with alacrity augments.
Now the reason why I say personal preference is missleading and not wrong is because deviating from optimal crit doesn't exceed expected healing output by more than 2%. So yes you can run crit as you feel like it and won't have earthshattering healing output problems, but it's not optimal. I see no reason not to run optimal gear if you ask me.
The reason I say its up to personal preferences was because some people prefer to have increased predictability on the abilities especially when it comes to healing.

That being said the values listed earlier was too low! even compared to what I am running with. I have added the optimum values to the guide so people can see these too. I have also rephrased the crit/power section.
The stat goals are constantly changing and will probably be changed again in the future
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