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That has gotten me wondering though if protorps might be better since, during reloads, I could focus on helping allied scouts bring down escort fighters and just attempt to kill the bomber with repeated protorp runs (unfortunately in a few matches the escort fighters/GSes were good enough to prevent me from making attack runs during thermite's debuff time so I had to kill a bomber almost solely with thermites; friendly scouts just kept getting blown to pieces because the escort fighters would lure them into the minefield, it seemed at the time that killing the bomber was the only way to give my team's scouts a chance to clear away the escort fighters).
1- If your target is a charged plating bomber, a thermite will deal more damage than a proton, unless the bomber is killed before the dot ticks (in which case, who cares). Even if the bomber has a full shield and turns on charged plating and nullify (the latter two of which don't matter). The only exception is the proton critting, of course.

The proton deals 916 on average (872 normal, 1308 crit). This is versus any target, of course.

Versus a charged plating bomber, there is a passive shield bleedthrough of 20%. You initially deal 362 to hull (and 362 to shield, but we aren't counting that), then 109 to hull six times in 18 seconds (and like 48 to shield). The net hull damage to the charged plating bomber? 1015.

So, obviously this is a lot of damage, and it's more than the proton on average. Note also that if you can actually remove some shielding and land that versus hull, it's just DUMB amounts of damage, and it also lets the bomber be shot at by nubs for the duration- nubs who will have 40% shield piercing and 100% armor piercing.

2- Versus an overcharged shield bomber:

In this case, the proton is more damage if that's all that happens. But the difference is not large. 794 total damage happens to the bomber's hull, assuming no one bothers him whilst the dot ticks and his shield never falls.

This means that in general, the thermite is very similar to the proton, but lacks:
> The extra range of proton (via talent)
> The ability to crit
> Higher average damage if the shield never falls and is not charged plating.
> The damage can't be healed over by a repair probe unless the target survives the initial hit.

Meanwhile, the thermite gains:
> Higher average hull damage versus charged plating.
> Actually deals some damage to shields, which can be helpful if the hull damage alone won't win.
> Powerful shield debuff
> Complete armor ignore (not just from the torp, all damage done to the target is not reduced)
> Ability to be a LOT of damage if the target doesn't have shields.
> If you play with Anastasie, he is like a shark smelling blood. Put a thermite dot on something, and he'll pop out from behind a satellite and just end that guy.
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