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She IS a bit of a Knight Templar, isn't she.
Totally. Maybe she always struggled with the Jedi codes of restraint and tolerance, and now she's all gone a bit grey she's just letting her zeal out...?

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I kind of minded when he horned his way on my ship a lot. I was all like "EXCUSE ME, IN THIS CREW WE ALWAYS DO THE JOB WE WERE HIRED FOR TO PERFECTION."

And he was like "Get out of the way nerd."

And then my monocle popped out.
He really doesn't quite fit... Gault at least is obnoxious and funny, Skadge is just obnoxious and irritating. My monacle, too, would have popped.

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Why are taxi rides more expensive than a lightspeed flight to another planet?

Why is there no refreshment chamber anywhere in this galaxy? Not even in one's own stronghold.
Internal flights are always pricey
Clearly, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, everyone freakin stinks.