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would have loved to see the Cybernetic crew skill able to create Cybernetic armor pieces similar to what is offered through the cartel market. like an armorsmith or synthweaver. To add, a beastmaster and droid engineer crew skill that can tame beasts for companions and craft droids for companions...similar to what is offered through ...the...yea...thats not going to happen as they toss them in the CM gamble packs.

so...never you mind this. goes the way of the shipwright crew skill i thought would have been a great addition for both the space rails and GSF portions of the game.

something that might be doable: halve the number of types of color crystals and set the spawn for these crystals across the planets. i have one legacy storage hold dedicated to pretty much just Artifice. AND, please, add one more slot to all weapons/offhands. call these slots "focusing lenses" take all of the color crystals currently in game and convert them to these lenses. then, convert all color crystals to just being color only. this way, you wont have to have four different color crystals per stat. and resist the urge to give those crystals some other stat. to stem the tide of folks upset about a perceived loss note: crystals will become lenses and ensure that the player receives a lens for each type of crystal is unlocked or that they have possession; give one color crystal for each type of, now, lens a character/legacy currently has unlocked unlocked; add lenses to either artifice or arm-smith ensuring that specialized crafting of lenses for both lightsabers and weapons goes to the right skill.

also, an engineer crew skill cold also be used to craft mounts--beastmastery for creature mounts and engineer for mechanical.

however, im sure all of this has been said before, but i had some free time.
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