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A domination match some months ago:

Caravix - SGS-45 Quarrel - Infinitas - T3-M4 - 20 Kills

Caravix - SGS-45 Quarrel - Infinitas - T3-M4 - 20 Kill Streak

I hope, the fact, that I haven't died, and that I am on a (very red) Quarrel at the picture, is enough proof for beeing on that ship for the whole match.

And a some newer ones:

Coryak - SGS-S1 Condor - Infintas - T3-M4 - 16 Kill Streak

Coryak - SGS-S1 Condor - Infintas - T3-M4 18 Kill Streak
Well I think the greater issue with your first entry is that it is a few month old because this thread is about games after Patch 5.2.2 which is a few weeks old not month. However after I saw you flying after you posted that you flying for a few month because of CXP I realised that you a quick learner compared to most on our server and so I think you will get a newer game quickly. Also noted that Caravix is one of your characters. ;-) Now if we could get Imoss, Kentrraras and Zappatero to post their games so that some people see that T3-M4 is still alive even after Danalon mostly left for other games would be nice.

But in general this would be a good idea to consider if the record entry should contain a date when the game happend. While that can't be checked it at least can sort out the accidently submitted older games. In addition should this record thread age as well as some of the previous ones it might be an idea to see if we battling "historical" records that where archived once in lifetime or if the records are recent ones where the sticks are still getting moved.

When I am back from vacation I probably have to post one of my TDMs, based on the old record thread I didn't considered the numbers worth submitting but there wasn't a greater number of kills submitted yet.