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I agree that team comp is even more critical for 3v3's than it is for 8v8's.
think a lot of servers would kill for such an active and competitive PVP scene. If ever there are cross-server queues I truly believe that Ebon Hawkers are gonna do very well.

I'm very much looking forward to more tournaments. Maybe we should do this once a month and rotate the hosting responsibility?
Agreed!,, I would Also Like to see a handicap tournament. Where we remove the gear gap. Make Recruit Gear mandatory for all participants. I think this could alleviate the "Ill never have the gear for that, so I wont sign up" people.

Pax would love to share the hosting of this. Would Hex be interested in hosting the next one? Maybe even Zen or Empire?

Considering GG will be the defending champs. Maybe they would like to host.?
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