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10.30.2012 , 05:25 AM | #6
We have a good server, and some great pvper's, some of the best, ive played with quite a few, im prolly not recongnized as even a good pvper, Mordor my sith assassin, ive played with dashto on several occasions, guarding him, in a pug we have held the center node on civil war against half a team waiting on reinforcements, goes to show that with team work anything is possible (especially against baddies lol).

We have the skill set to own people if cross server ever happens, my mara is on pot5, and i see better players on hawk then i do over there on a more regular basis.

Keep up the good work, keep killing, see you on the fleet
Magoth- 50 Anni Mara
Gancath-50 Bodyguard Merc
Mordor- 50 Deception Sin