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After getting our butt handed to us, we decided perhaps that team composition was actually pretty important in a small setting like this . I think it's safe to say the following things are a must for any 3v3 team:

- One person using tank stance that can still put out very good damage

There's no doubt about it that having a hybrid Shadow/Assassin in tank stance is the best class for this job. Shout out to Sindol for still being able to deeps as a Defense Guardian However I think the instant Force Lift/Whirlwind and stealth mez is the best choice here.

- One dedicated healer that can outheal sustained focus fire on either themself or a teammate

At first, it seems that either of the 3 healers would be good for this job. However, Operatives are slightly lacking in sustained single-target healing - they will be under too much pressure to maintain Kolto Probes on all of their team for Tactical Advantage, and while they are good at spamming when a target is in execute range, it's a lost battle at that point. Mercs have the most powerful single-target heals, but only in the short term - without the appropriate cooldowns we will overheat very quickly. A Sorceror healer is best here - they have the best mobility and CC, and can respond quickly to target swaps and don't have to worry about short-term resource problems like the energy-based healers, only long term. A Sorc is also the most viable for off-DPSing because of their range and resource type while the other two will suffer short-term energy problems if they need to throw heals right after.

- One mad DPS with powerful defensive cooldowns

A Sentinel/Marauder or a Guardian/Juggernaut. The second isn't as powerful defensively but that was largely mitigated by Guard swapping and Jevy putting out insane damage and the addition of being able to taunt. Probably a toss-up here. I couldn't count how many times Koenig was at a sliver of health and still got away

And finally, the above 3 should be as mobile as possible and have good CC options. As you can see from the results, the top 3 teams all used a Sorc/Sage healer and the top 2 used a hybrid tank Shadow/Assassin.

Our first team was Sniper, Powertech, and Operative healer. Second team was DPS Assassin, Merc healer, and either Sorceror or Smash Jugg who didn't show up so we grabbed Rytan, a really good tank Juggernaut. Both teams suffered from lack of mobility, the first team had trouble being able to keep up with focus fire on the Powertech, and the second didn't have enough DPS output.

Overall a very good learning experience. I found it amazing how quickly some teams adapted to find the best things to do - even though there is no established arena in SWTOR. Also the importance of Guard and how very often the tank was the first to be taken out. Which should have been obvious to us - in warzones often the healer is the first to be focused but that's only because there are enough players to take them out in the space of a stun or two. The name of the 3v3 game was to CC the healers as much as possible.
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