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I've read over this thread several times now. There are a number of REALLY GOOD suggestions and some individual posts that reflect a great deal of thought. IMO.. the dev team would do well to review this entire thread and take it to heart. I know ... right now the entire team has their hands full ! But consider this.

The entire SH idea has been and still is a fantastic idea ! It works !! For the most part those who want to develop one will spend a lot of time, effort and even cash (CM amenities) in order to build one up! IMO... It would be well worth the time spent to develop additional components more suited for the individual SH that currently exist and look at the development of new ones. By that I mean new ideas: like a space station or even one in a country setting (for the 6.0 setting).

I know that the dev team has the capabilities .... they just need the green light from the right people to get focused on the Strongholds ...

Along those lines I would like to add a couple of brief points:
1. The availability of items that can be used in the "small" green slots. This is true whether they are located on the floor, wall or ceiling. You can only purchase so many of the junk lights and make the walls look right. You can only place so many companions, pets, trash .. etc on the floor. BTW... it should be noted that the number of companions, pets .. personnel and other NPC's is extremely limited... that needs to change as well. Datacron container farming usually yields only a small amount. I just ran all of the heroics on Tatooine , Nar Shaddaa and Balmorra with zero drops. In fact I created a new smuggler and made sure I watched those areas for datacron containers ... nadda !

2. Some of the items that are dropped as application for the small green squares are not the right size ... A classic example of this is the red / blue / green ... (whatever color) crystal containers from Ossus. Yes .. they drop frequently enough ... but they just don't seem to fit any where ! If they were scaled down about 1/2 their size .. then yes they might serve a purpose without taking away from everything else in the area. I've tried to use them in several areas ... only to have to remove them because they are so ... BIG (trying to be nice).

In short .. there needs to be a LOT more available to fit in those small green squares. And these new items should be available in several themes ...