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The devs should spend a couple hours decorating in EQ2, which has:

1. No hooks (i.e., no placement restrictions) in any structure (guild hall, player house)
2. Anything can go anywhere, including in mid-air, because EQ2 has:
2a. Full X, Y, and Z axis rotation per object
2b. Full X, Y, and Z displacement
3. Scalability. In EQ2, you can both shrink and enlarge any deco to ridiculous sizes.
4. No collision. Decorations can intersect (also true in SWTOR).
5. Layout storage. You can export how you've arranged your decos in your house as an XML file
6. You can manually tweak the exported XML file and then re-import the file to do really awesome and bizarre things
7. Texturable surfaces. In certain abodes, you can buy in-game textures to add wallpaper to walls, ceilings, floors.
8. Movable, functional, clickable doors that can be plopped anywhere (and in several styles)
9. An entire crafting class dedicated to crafting house decorations (furniture, lights, artwork, you name it).

Seriously devs. If you rip off anything from any other game, please let it be decorating mechanics from EQ2.
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