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It would work if they would have added a undersea building on both sides of the underground area where you could walk along side of the outside.
This, giving us access to rooms on the first level besides just a hallway, or give us access to the area where the starship hook is. Many possibilities left on the table with Manaan.

Quote: Originally Posted by Holocron View Post
  • Create better avenues to obtain multiple copies of decorations, especially from an expired packs.
  • Allow strongholds to have access to "Fleet Chat" as a toggle option.
Please allow new ways to get decorations. Even if it was something like a hypercrate of only decorations.

Quote: Originally Posted by Damask_Rose View Post
The two I'd add have already been brought up.

1. More layout options for big hooks. Way more!

2. Z axis!
Having a z-axis would be incredibly nice to have.

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There should never have been a disparity between people who had characters to merge and those who did not. Everyone should be allowed to have the same total number of strongholds, especially since BioWare posted incorrect information in these forums ahead of the merge, cheating some players out of the opportunity to take advantage of the merge.


I've had four major issues with the decorations that are released --
* They often have bugs that are seldom fixed, even after long waits.
* They work in a very limited number of hooks, often Centerpiece or Starship, even though we have far more huge decorations than hooks to put them in.
* Some of the decorations don't match any existing stronghold themes, or literally don't have a single hook they can be placed in. (I'm looking at you, Iokath Forge Garbagefall!).
* Too many of them have to be free-standing even though they make more sense up against walls, such as the Zakuulan weapon racks.


8. Upgrade existing hook layouts.
When a Centerpiece hook is converted into Large/Medium hooks, make sure the Large hooks also have their grid of Small hooks, or at least add some Small hooks to the alternate layout.
Agree 1000% with all the above. On a side note for you Xina_LA , I finally found a place for the Iokath Forge Garbagefall. I was able to position it right to have the material fall into an Iokath Forge Cauldron on Rishi. It looked great as for my Jawa scavengers until the deco bug that took the molten liquid out of the Cauldron.

Also, to reiterate a message that has been prominent in the last few posts: A huge thank-you to the devs for the latest change to the centerpiece hooks. It is a very welcome change!
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