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But I am relatively new to the whole "parsing-stats-thingie" and have a question regarding the listed damage-profiles. For example my guild and I tried Torque HM a few times. Your sources says the fight is rather M/R+K/E heavy with ca. 70%. But in my logs (from the not too short pulls ...) the Tamper Deterrent Devices are causing a lot damage to me (often around 30% of my overall damage). So Star Parse says I defended around 20% and shielded around 40%. Of course there is always the possibility to kill the turrets faster or to change my position to avoid some of the damage, but hey better me than Heals or DPS right? I'm playing a Sin-Tank btw. so I already use Force Shroud to avoid some damage but the turrets still have a significant share of my total damage. My DTPS is around 2000 most of the time ...

So would it be wise to switch to the low M/R profile to try to avoid more damage or can anyone provide me a few tips and hints for creating my own distribution based on a few log-files? I know you posted your calculation-file for Mathematica before the old tread was deleted. But I have no experience with the syntax and no access to the program itself.

P.S. And sorry for my grammar and spelling. English is my second language and I wasn't paying too much attention at school ...
Your English is better than mine (and it's my first language!). :-)

Turrets are going to be a lot of your damage. That's just going to happen. As you said, it's a lot better for you to take that damage than for anyone else! When I did this fight the other night, turrets were about 28% of my damage taken. That is slightly lower than I would expect, given that our clear of it the other night involved some mistakes that resulted in me taking the boss for a little longer. Also, we allowed the last laser droid to enrage, which kind of throws off the ratios a bit.

In general though, yes, turrets hurt a bit. You can try to gear more for them, but honestly the answer is probably just killing them faster. We always assign two ranged DPS with spammable AoE to deal with the turrets as their first priority. One does the back two on each side, the other does the front two. If we're repairing on one side or the other, we kill the turrets on the other side.

One thing to look for is that the turrets might be enraging, if you're taking too long to kill them. This pushes up their damage a lot and can start to generate major problems for your healers.

One final tidbit: 2k DtPS is a lot less than I took the other night. :-D Now my DtPS does ramp up a lot as the fight goes on (particularly toward the end, when we're tunneling down the boss), but yeah. 2k is just fine.
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