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01.15.2018 , 03:06 PM | #7
I don't know how George Lucas can not feel sick at what Disney has done to star wars, well the movie continuations at least. There is no creativity or originality at all, they took story plots from the original movies 4 and 5 and implemented it into the story, made a new version of the main character, and added in dialogue. There is a deleted scene from the first movie in which Chewbacca rips off the arm of the big guy from jakku that offered portions for trying to attack Rey when they are in the cantina. This just shows that they regurgitated the same ideas instead of creating a true continuation. I wish George left his legacy to someone with more of a creative vision for continuation and taken a pay cut. Disney discarded so much lore and stories that created the enormous universe of star wars. I watched the new movies because I love star wars, but I really wish Disney did not get their hands on it. You know they did okay with Rebels it was its own creation and storyline within star wars. But how could they screw up the big budget movie canon, I know, with lazy directors that have no creative vision what so ever.