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05.31.2019 , 12:29 PM | #81
I have three issues with PvE IO Merc:
The AoE potential (especially GotM is AoE heavy, so "better Single target DPS" isn't that valid. And the discrepancy between Jugg and Merc Single Target DPS isn't that high to compnsate the massice AoE-Power of other classes.)
I would suggest a setbonus like: Supercharged Gas causes Fusion Missile to have a 8 (or even 10) meter Radius.

Heat Management. It's not bad, but in comparision to many other classes you use much more autoshots.
A reduced cooldown on Thermal Sensor override would be a fine Addition to our collection im comparison to the Power Surge cooldown reduce. (Vent Heat has a utility, so nothing to adjust in terms of set bonuses, and Supercharged Gas is more an offensive cooldown.)

Execute Phase: When you get to Execute Phase, you only get one Stack of Supercharge instead of three (because Missile Blast and Fusion missile come into Play). Perhaps a set bonus could be to add one stack of supercharge to Missile Blast.