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Yes BG and T1 are the only options on Republic side for Hydrospanner. In my opinion the engine power passives are worth significantly more then the firing arc passive so if you Hydrospanner you always go with the BG option on Republic side.

Having said that, the build you're looking at was from way at the start of 5.5 when EMP missile was bugged and dealing full damage AOE. This is why a high health + Hydrospanner build was used back then. Now that EMP correctly only deals half damage on AOE it's not really needed anymore. That isn't to say taking Hydrospanner is a terrible idea, it will let you survive a Proton like you're looking to do all you need to do is use it when the Proton hits you and it will out heal the damage overtime effect. However sacrificing your evasion on a Scout is a very bad idea in my opinion, you're really opening yourself up to just getting absolutely melted by lasers.
Truth be told I actually prefer Running Interference as my Copilot ability, which works out fine because Tanno Vik is an ideal Defensive choice as well, same passives as Nadia. And Bursts tend to have enough accuracy at 1500M or less anyway. But since I've adopted using Pods instead of Clusters, I kind of need Wingman to give them the accuracy they need when firing off-center, especially in a turning battle. And honestly, the Tactical options for Wingman aren't that great either. I just settle for Akaavi Spar because the Comm Boost makes her a better pick than Iresso, but I know Silent Running isn't really a good choice on a Flashfire to begin with.

If Running Interference is still fine for a Flash and it can get by without needing Wingman on Bursts and Pods, then I will take Tanno Vik as my copilot instead, and go with Elara Dorne on Tactical. But it all depends on how much Pods rely on Accuracy buffs.