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Because skilled players already crush without having to have an unfair advantage to do it. IMO part of being dangerous in pvp is the ability to reliably manage multiple effects on yourself and your enemy while simultaneously dealing damage and guarding your own weak points in a rapidly changing environment. Having an additional cc breaker would almost remove this burden entirely ( at least for me ) and result in a scenario where we would have almost no constraints. Being lethal in pvp should take actual thought and effort on the part of the player, and the threat of dying should always factor into actions taken by a player in pvp.

It doesn't take any abstract thought to realize the problem this would cause if only certain classes had it. It would have to be something everyone has, or no one has.
But if every1 has is it, it wouldnt be class defining. If you are considering the movement suggestions I was showing in that YouTube video as an additional cc breaker then maybe if this type of movement was implemented, with constant tweaks it could become more "balanced" but I personally think that dps sins having a dash abilitiy and increasing their overall agility would make them very suffice.