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There are only 2 optimal trees for merc healing none of which is given above. for PVP I would say different then what I'm putting below but for optimal healing as a merc:

39/7/0 will give you the best. I'm sure you will figure out way. Alacrity for a merc healer is a waste you are sacrificing bonus healings and adding alacrity and % of alacrity for a quicker timer? when instead you can just crit/overall heal better then what small amounts of.01 seconds you take off what? healing scan? Kolto is instant..... as is emergency....

just don't do that pve build its ****** and you will need cleanses in most raids in some form or another sometimes yeah you can live without and live through but most things one boss here or there has something you can cleanse....

also just don't do alacrity unless you have to period.... you want to argue I'm on bastion server Pfomo is my merc on most days and been a merc healer since beta and will always be. I'll blow any other merc healer out of the water with my build verses this one hands down.
Iím not quite sure how the spec you refer to will look like. But personally I would never spec into Power Shield and Protective Field for PvE content, those two skills are only useful in PvP. Powered Insulators should not be needed if you position yourself correctly, because then you wonít take any damage in the first place. Using point in Cure Mind would just be a waste, because there are no mental debuffs in any endgame content at the moment, so this point is better used elsewhere.

Regarding alacrity I have to disagree with you! Alacrity is extremely useful, because it not only reduces cast time, but also the global cooldown, which means that you can throw out more heals during a fight. Alacrity will also increase the heat dissipation rate, so it becomes easier for you to control your heat management.
It is true that Surge rating is more valuable than Alacrity, so long that the total surge rating does not exceed 500, because of the diminishing return. So if you put your entire alacrity/surge budget into surge then the last ~470 point would have been better used in alacrity in my opinion.
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