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I Have 650 crit rating and have all other stats in alacrity and surge, what would you say to that ?

Surge 73%)
37% Crit
rest into alacrity ..

I doubt taking 250-350 crit rating and putting it into power would make any noticeable difference.
I would never go that high on my critical rating, but that is mostly because of personal preferences in my playstyle.
The math shows that the critical rating I quiet flexible, so too much or too little critical rating will not change the total output very much. See Orderkens calculations!
I prefer to run with a little less critical than the ideal amount. The reason for this is as stated earlier that, I prefer constant higher heals over more frequent critical heals.

Regarding surge and alacrity, I like to stack these in equal amounts, so I use five gear pieces with surge and five pieces with alacrity. When a new gear tier arrives, I will properly change one of the surge pieces with a alacrity piece.