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Actually no. The reason is because BioWare's business model is that its ok for people to leave and come back when there is content.

People will be back for Onslaught. Happens every expansion.
And the loot chase will keep them, right? Take an objective look at the game's current state, considerably smaller population, PTS feedback, lack of promising likelihood to step up content production and what other metric we can see on our end and please tell me what do you see that screams "People will stay for Onslaught, it'll be totally different this time!". Its a no-duh that people will return to try the new expansion, it's an ever bigger no-duh that people don't always stay. Lack of advertising also will hurt here too btw.

Their business model is fine for THEM, meanwhile in the ever-decaying playerbase awaiting its 'thrilling' rng expansion.. The Star Wars license is without a doubt the only reason any of this still flies.
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