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Now, if only we had a direct follow-up quest to this one where you can ask him about his motivations, he explains them to you, and you can have more decision points about what to do. Because right now, it ends, it basically doesn't come up again, and there's no feeling of closure to the event.
This is what I figured.

Quinn and my SW didn't get along super well, as my SW was a light side who basically took every opportunity to tell imperial command to get ****ed, but I talked with the guy. I saw what he was capable of. Saw how good he was at reading people. And I know he knows what I'm capable of--I've brought him along on the more challenging missions because of his abilities to keep me moving.

So I know Quinn is a tactical and strategic genius who is capable of extreme and pointed viciousness.

Quinn knows I'm an engine of pure destruction made flesh.

Quinn puts himself directly in front of me with two ****** droids? He insists he goes with me? This wasn't a trap. This was suicide. There's no way he could have expected this to work.

No, I know Quinn, and if Quinn had wanted me dead he would have let me go with other companions, he would have insisted on staying behind, and he would have had that station rigged to blow. At the very least he wouldn't have stood two feet in front of me talking about his betrayal and would have had something better than two droids who aren't even very good.

Quinn never wanted me dead. Quinn just had a job to do, and he couldn't not do it.

I was basically just like, nah bro, it's cool. I'm gonna go kill Baras now. You down?
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