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10.28.2012 , 01:57 PM | #62
There's a few very specific reasons why the Devs don't really want you to kill off Quinn.

Reason #1: Killing Quinn would mean that they are gimping your character gameplay wise because you are now down 1 healer and missing 1 companion which has serious gameplay ramifications and this would definitely cause problems as many people just automatically click the darkside responses without thinking about it.

Reason #2: Killing Quinn would create problems if the Devs ever wanted to use him for a future story arc and coming up with some contrived explanation for how to replace Quinn while still being able to fit this new person into any future story arcs would be an unnecessary pain in the *** and needlessly increase their workload in the future.

Now that isn't to say that they should have let Quinn off with only a choking. There are a few more severe things they could have done like for instance cutting his arm off and then have him replace it with a robotic arm or maiming him in some way so that he can still participate in the future stories but also be sufficiently punished for his betrayal.